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Tools for Apache Camel


Fuse Tooling

Tools for Apache Camel provide a set of developer tools that enable you to work with Apache Camel. You can configure Enterprise Integration Patterns to build your routes, browse endpoints and routes, drag and drop messages onto and from running routes, trace message flows, edit running routes, browse and visualize runtime contexts via JMX.

Integration Editor

Design your routes

Fuse Integration Editor

The Fuse Integration Editor provides tools for creating a Fuse project, including the route editor, with its palette of supported Enterprise Integration Patterns, and the logic for running contexts from inside the editor. The editor can be used in a design mode allowing you to simply create a route by drag & drop palette items to the diagram. We support you with providing a documentation page for selected diagram figures helping you to achieve your goals more quickly. All properties can be set in an easy way using the properties view. For those who prefer the XML notation we provide a source view with code assistance.

Run and Trace

Test your new route

Trace Routes

So you finished your first route and you want to make sure it works? We provide an easy mechanism to test drive your new route on your local machine. You can launch it from inside your IDE, connect to the process via JMX and then monitor and trace your route. Simply drop test messages to your route via drag & drop, track your messages through the route and edit the running route to fix problems. Lost your input message while testing your route? If you enabled the tracing you can simply recover it by dragging that message from the message list back into your projects file system.

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