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modeshape server view

ModeShape is a distributed, hierarchical, transactional, and consistent data store that is also a JCR 2.0 implementation. You can connect to one or more ModeShape servers. For each server, the repositories, repository workspaces, and the workspace publish areas are displayed. The publish areas are the workspace paths where you publish (upload) your files.


Upload resources to your ModeShape workspaces

Publish to ModeShape

When you publish files from your Eclipse workspace, they will be uploaded to the selected repository workspace publish area. Each published file will have its version incremented (if versioning is enabled). When you unpublish files, they are removed from the selected repository workspace (if they exist there). Publish areas can be added and deleted using ModeShape Tools.

CND Editor

A JCR 2.0 Compact Node Type Definition editor

JCR Compact Node Type Definition Editor

The CND Editor is a 2-page Eclipse editor that is used to create and modify JCR compact node type definitions (*.cnd files). The first page of the editor is a form-based view of the CND; while the second page is a read-only text view. The form-based page provides ways to manage a CND’s namespace mappings, node type definitions, and comments. A preference is used to control the verbosity of the CND notation that is saved by the editor. The CND editor can be used to edit CND files for any JCR 2.0 implementation and is not limited to ModeShape users. It can be installed separately from the ModeShape-specific features.

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