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New HTML Preview is taking shape!

posted by Ilya Buziuk on Apr 24, 2014.

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In this article I’m happy to introduce you a brand new HTML Preview without XULRunner.

Basically, HTML Preview could be treated as a possible XULRunner substitution for plain HTML pages (JSF/xhtml still requires XULRunner). The point is that when XULRunner is unavailable, HTML Preview will be used in "Visual/Source" and "Preview" tabs of the VPE. It will be also available as a separate view and won’t be coupled with a paticular editor.


HTML Preview has several cool features like:

  • automatic refresh (enabled by default)

  • refresh on save

  • navigation from source to view and vice versa

Here is a short demo video, which covers basic use case :

How can I try it?

HTML Preview is not in production yet. It will be a part of JBoss Tools and Developer Studio Beta2 release for Eclipse Luna. However, you can today access to the "nightly" build of JBoss Tools VPE update site at:


On this update site you find "HTML Preview" when unselecting "Show categorized". Once installed and you have restarted Eclipse you should have a "HTML Preview" view available.


We are trying our best to make HTML Preview as good as possible. Users feedback is what we are seeking for now. We are looking forward to hearing your comments / remarks!
Have fun!

Ilya Buziuk

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