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JBoss Tools 4.4.4.AM2 for Eclipse Neon.3

posted by Jeff Maury on Apr 04, 2017.

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Happy to announce 4.4.4.AM2 (Developer Milestone 2) build for Eclipse Neon.3.

Downloads available at JBoss Tools 4.4.4 AM2.

What is New?

Full info is at this page. Some highlights are below.

Docker Tools

Run Image Network Support

A new page has been added to the Docker Run Image Wizard and Docker Run Image Launch configuration that allows the end-user to specify the network mode to use. A user can choose from Default, Bridge, Host, None, Container, or Other. If Container is selected, the user must choose from an active Container to use the same network mode. If Other is specified, a named network can be specified.

Network Mode
Network Mode Configuration

Refresh Connection

Users can now refresh the entire connection from the Docker Explorer View. Refresh can be performed two ways:

  1. using the right-click context menu from the Connection

  2. using the Refresh menu button when the Connection is selected

Refresh Connection
A late problem has been found between Neon.3 packages and Docker Tools packages. It has been fixed since then, but you need to install the latest Docker Tools bits from http://download.eclipse.org/linuxtools/update-docker-2.3.1 if you want the best Docker Tools experience with Neon.3.


Jeff Maury

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