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Notice - As of August 1, 2016, the JBoss Tools Community Acceptance Testing (JBoss Tools CAT) will suspend operations. Many thanks to everyone who participated!

In place of the JBoss Tools CAT, we’d like to ask everyone who would like to contribute issues to JBoss Tools to enable the Eclipse Automated Reporting Interface (AERI) in JBoss Tools. You can read about configuring error reporting in JBoss Tools here.

Original JBoss Tools Community Acceptance Testing (JBoss Tools CAT) Documentation follows:

JBoss Tools CAT is an effort to obtain feedback from the JBoss Tools and JBoss Developer Studio users that the features in early builds are working fine. This will help us asses the quality of the final release.

The goal of the JBoss Tools CAT is to get as much feedback on our Alpha, Beta and pre-GA builds as possible. We are looking for feedback on usability, stability, quality and performance for new features. Reports on any regression for any existing features that are already used is very important.

Get started

To participate please follow these steps:

CAT Member responsibilities

What types of tests should you perform?

As a member of the JBoss Tools CAT team you are requested to give feedback on any two functional areas you choose to focus on. It is fully acceptable to only use the Beta and CR builds, but it is highly recommended and appreciated if you use and test the nightly development builds too.

So, select the features in JBoss Tools that you are most interested in, and start testing!

You can communicate to the JBoss Tools team and other CAT members via irc, mailing list or JIRA.

We may request additional input via surveys or online IRC meetings when JBoss Tools CAT is active and at the end of a release we will send a survey where you can express your opinion on whether the new features are ready for release and the features you depend on have not regressed.

What Happens to Bugs and Feature Requests?

The JBoss Tools CAT team managers will review and respond to all new bugs and feature requests.

I have other questions ?

See the FAQ

Or take a look at this blog or video introducing JBoss Tools CAT:


Table 1. JBoss Tools CAT Resources
Name Description Link

Mailing list

Archived mailing list for JBoss Tools CAT.

Signup Archive


irc chat room on #freenode



jira dashboard for issues found by JBoss Tools CAT team


Time Schedule

  • 2014/06/19 — JBoss Tools 4.2.0.Beta2 released - get it here

  • 2014/07/07 — JBoss Tools 4.2.0.Beta3 testing starts - announced here

  • 2014/07/28 — JBoss Tools 4.2.0.Beta3 released - feedback survey here

  • 2014/09/01 — JBoss Tools 4.2.0.CR1 testing starts - announced here

  • 2014/09/17 — JBoss Tools 4.2.0.CR1 released - feedback survey here

  • 2014/10/06 — JBoss Tools 4.2.0.CR2 testing starts - announced here

  • 2014/10/22 — JBoss Tools 4.2.0.Final released - announced here

  • 2014/11/24 — JBoss Tools 4.2.1.CR1 testing starts - announced here

  • 2014/12/15 — JBoss Tools 4.2.1.Final release - announced here

  • 2015/01/14 — JBoss Tools 4.2.2.Final testing starts - announced here

  • 2015/01/21 — JBoss Tools 4.2.2.Final released - announced here

  • 2015/03/02 — JBoss Tools 4.2.3.Beta1 testing starts

  • 2015/03/16 — JBoss Tools 4.2.3.Beta1 released

  • 2015/03/16 — JBoss Tools 4.2.3.CR1 testing starts

  • 2015/04/01 — JBoss Tools 4.2.3.Final released

  • 2015/02/16 — JBoss Tools 4.3.0.Alpha1 testing starts

  • 2015/02/23 — JBoss Tools 4.3.0.Alpha1 released - announced here

  • 2015/04/20 — JBoss Tools 4.3.0.Alpha2 testing starts - announced here

  • 2015/04/28 — JBoss Tools 4.3.0.Alpha2 released - announced here

  • 2015/06/08 — JBoss Tools 4.3.0.Beta1 testing starts - announced here

  • 2015/06/22 — JBoss Tools 4.3.0.Beta1 released - announced here

  • 2015/07/20 — JBoss Tools 4.3.0.Beta2 testing starts

  • 2015/07/27 — JBoss Tools 4.3.0.Beta2 release

  • 2015/09/14 — JBoss Tools 4.3.0.CR1 testing starts

  • 2015/09/22 — JBoss Tools 4.3.0.CR1 release

  • 2015/10/06 — JBoss Tools 4.3.0.Final release

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