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EclipseCon NA 2015 Call for papers!

posted by Max Rydahl Andersen on Oct 03, 2014.

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I did not make it to EclipseCon 2014 since I was enjoying my new found Fatherhood too much.

Thus I was happy when I got invited on board the EclipseCon Program Committee by Martin Lippert (Pivotal) to not only have a new reason to go to EclipseCon but also help form next years conference.

To kickstart forming next year conference the Call For Papers are now open!

EclipseCon 2015 is to be held March 9 - 12 in (sometimes) sunny California at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport.

I look forward to what we will get to see of talks - and I hear it will be not so fun trying to filter everything down but I’m up for a new kind of challenge.

See you in the CfP’s and remember…​Have fun!

Max Rydahl Andersen

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