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JBoss Tools 4.9.0.AM2 for Eclipse 2018-09 M2

posted by Jeff Maury on Aug 21, 2018.

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Happy to announce 4.9.0.AM2 (Developer Milestone 2) build for Eclipse 2018-09 M2.

Downloads available at JBoss Tools 4.9.0 AM2.

What is New?

Full info is at this page. Some highlights are below.


Eclipse 2018-09

JBoss Tools is now targeting Eclipse 2018-09 M2.

Fuse Tooling

WSDL to Camel REST DSL improvements

The version of the library used to generate Camel REST DSL from WSDl files has been updated. It now covers more types of WSDL files. See https://github.com/jboss-fuse/wsdl2rest/milestone/3?closed=1 for the list of improvements.

REST Editor tab improvements

In the last milestone we began adding editing capabilities to the read-only REST tab to the route editor we added in the previous release. Those efforts have continued and we now have a fully editable REST tab.

Fully Editable REST Editor

You can now:

  • Create and delete REST Configurations

  • Create and delete new REST Elements

  • Create and delete new REST Operations

  • Edit properties for a selected REST Element in the Properties view

  • Edit properties for a selected REST Operation in the Properties view

In addition, we’ve improved the look and feel by fixing the scrolling capabilities of the REST Element and REST Operations lists.


Jeff Maury

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