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Genymotion is an alternate Android emulator that is preferred by some developers for its better performance and accurate device emulation. Although, we have not specifically tried to support Genymotion as part of Hybrid Mobile tools, it is possible and easy to enable Genymotion for developing Cordova applications.

Emulator or device ?

Hybrid mobile tools uses ADB to work with Android devices and emulators. Fortunately, it is possible to use ADB to connect to Genymotion. which means that you still need the Android SDK installed for this to work.

By default, Genymotion uses its own Android tools but you can change it to use the tools from the Android SDK. After you start the Genymotion application, open settings using the Settings from the menu bar. On the settings dialog switch to ADB tab. Select Use custom Android SDK tools option and specify the location the Android SDK field. End result should look similar to the screen capture below.

Once Genymotion is configured to use ADB, start a virtual device from Genymotion application. ADB will recognize it as a device, rather than an emulator. Hereafter, you can use Run On Android Device from the run menu on Hybrid Mobile projects to test Cordova applications on Genymotion.

genymotion settings adb

So what happens when you already have a real device connected on debug mode? Unfortunately, you can work with only one device at a time, so you need to disconnect the device, to allow Genymotion to receive the application. You can follow the issue on Eclipse Bugzilla to find out when such use will be supported, and as usual, encourage for a quicker resolution.

Gorkem Ercan

The JBoss Developer Studio 8 and JBoss Tools 4.2 release enables developers to use these tools to build mobile applications by using the Apache Cordova framework. Apache Cordova (fka, PhongeGap) is a framework for building packaged mobile applications using web technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. In this article, I will explore different scenarios for getting started with the tools and Apache Cordova.

Where are the tools?

Hybrid mobile tools are not part of the default installation but getting them is easy. Although there are other ways, I usually use JBoss Central to pull them in. Here is how.

First switch to Software/Update tab on JBoss Central. Next select JBoss Hybrid Mobile Tools + CordovaSim. I usually select the AngularJS for Web Tools option before hitting the Install/Update, in order to get the improved support for Ionic framework.

Here is a screeen cast for getting started with the hybrid mobile tools.

1. Start a new Cordova project

This is the option when starting a new project or just experimenting with Apache Cordova development.It gives a basic project template that you can easily change and you can select the initial set of cordova plug-ins to include into your project. I usually add the console plugin at this time, to be able to use console.log() during development and remove it before the final export.

The video above not only shows how a project is created but also introduces the tools at your disposal going forward.

2. Import your existing Cordova application

If your Cordova application already exists and it was developed using a compatible tool such as Cordova CLI, you can import it easily and start using all the functionality available. Import process will also restore your plugins if you have been using the new cordova save command.

Here is a short video that shows the import feature in action.

3. Use existing mobile web site code

Often getting started with your packaged mobile application requires sharing the assets with a web application. We do support linking of resources from different locations to create a Cordova based mobile application. Although I do not recommend using artifacts, let alone whole web sites, that were created for desktop to be turned to mobile applications, but it helps to know that your tools are capable when it gets desperate.

Burr Sutter recently recorded and uploaded a handful of screencasts on Hybrid Mobile Development Tools that we recently shipped in JBoss Tools 4.2.0.Final and JBoss Developer Studio 8.0.0.Final.

Those videos (totalling more than 1h15 of materials!) cover the following topics:

Sit back, grab your headphones and enjoy ;-)


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