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This individual N&N page is also aggregated in  4.29.0.Final

What's New in 4.29.0.Final

Server Tools

New Server view based on RSP

In JBoss Tools, a fresh perspective has been introduced, known as the "RSP Servers View," which utilizes the Runtime Server Protocol (RSP).

Empty RSP View at start

To begin, you must initiate the server connector responsible for managing the servers. Simply right-click on any entry for the Server connector, and choose the "Start RSP" option.

The server connector is now starting and it’s status will change to [STARTED].

Empty RSP View started

You can then choose between download a server or use a local server.

Now, let’s create a new server. Simply right-click on the active Server connector and select "Download Server." Choose any runtime from the list and confirm by clicking OK.

Selecting Wildfly server runtime

Follow the dialog steps for additional parameters and wait for the installation to finish. You can see a new entry on the server view with the selected server.

Wildfly server runtime installed

Now start the server runtime using "Start Server" context menu action. The console view opens and display any message from the server.

Wildfly server runtime started

Now you can add any deployment to the server. This can be either a folder or a file, present on your local computer. For example, let’s deploy a basic web application.

Right click on the started server runtime and select "Add deployment". Then select a web archive to be added to the server.

Adding a simple web application to the runtime

It will automatically deploy the application and display any message in the console.

Simple web application added to the runtime

Now you can enjoy the application on your browser !

Simple web application running

We are welcoming any suggestion to this new view, either on our JIRA/Github, or using our gitter chatroom

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