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Red Hat CodeReady Studio 9.1.0.Beta2 Development

Development builds have received basic testing, but are not considered fully stable yet.
You may want to consider Red Hat CodeReady Studio 9.1.0.GA, which is our latest release for Eclipse Mars 4.5.2.
Requirements: Java 8 only.

Registration required Downloads require accepting the terms and conditions of the JBoss Developer Program which provides $0 subscriptions for development use only.

Select the Installer you want to download

Name Size Links
Stand-alone Installer 505MB jar
Installer With EAP 6.4.0 CVE-2015-7501 651MB jar

JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack 9.0.0.Beta1 provides a number of additional features and tools for
Red Hat CodeReady Studio 9.1.0.Beta2.

Click here to learn more or install.

Add the following URL to your Eclipse Mars 4.5.2 installation, via:

Help > Install New Software… > Work with:


Then select the individual features that you want to install:

Listed below are artifacts related to this release.

Update Site zips (Archived p2 Repos) are for offline installation. You do not need to unpack these zips to use them. Install into Eclipse via:

Help > Install New Software… > Add… > Archive…

Then select the downloaded zip, and the feature(s) you'd like to install.

Name Size Links
Update site (including sources) bundle of JBoss Developer Studio 528MB zip
Target Platform for JBoss Developer Studio 471MB zip
JBoss Central Zip 154MB zip
Sources Zip 225MB zip
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