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JBoss Tools for Eclipse 2022-06M2

posted by Jeff Maury on Jun 14, 2022.

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Happy to announce 4.24.0.AM1 (Developer Milestone 1) build for Eclipse 2022-06M2.

Downloads available at JBoss Tools 4.24.0 AM1.

What is New?

Full info is at this page. Some highlights are below.

Quarkus Tools

Improvement to the new Quarkus project wizard

When the new Quarkus project wizard was initially design, there were a few Quarkus extensions so it was not difficult to find one from the total list. Now that the Quarkus ecosystem is growing fast, it was difficult even of the extensions were grouped into categories.

In order to cope with this issue, the extensions and categories are now displayed in a tree (first level is categories, second level is extensions).

This new tree can now be filtered through a text field. If user enter some characters, only extensions matching this filter will be displayed in the tree.


Hibernate Tools

Hibernate Runtime Provider Updates

A number of additions and updates have been performed on the available Hibernate runtime providers.

Runtime Provider Updates

The Hibernate 6.0 runtime provider (Preview) now incorporates Hibernate Core version 6.0.2.Final and Hibernate Tools version 6.0.2.Final.

The Hibernate 5.6 runtime provider now incorporates Hibernate Core version 5.6.9.Final and Hibernate Tools version 5.6.9.Final.

The Hibernate 5.3 runtime provider now incorporates Hibernate Core version 5.3.26.Final and Hibernate Tools version 5.3.26.Final.

And more…​

You can find more noteworthy updates in on this page.


Jeff Maury

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