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Business Rules

Business Rule Editor

Drools is a powerful hybrid reasoning system. It allows you to define your business logic using business rules in various formats (for example using decision tables etc.).

For more details, check out the Drools home page.


Getting started


The aim of the new project wizard is to set up an executable sample project to start using rules immediately. This will set up a basic structure, the classpath, sample rules and a test case to get you started. Supports selecting a Drools runtime for the Drools core dependencies.


Debug your processes

Debugging support

Debugging support to look at the current state of your session, including the data inserted in the working memory, the rules activated, etc. Supports breakpoints in the rules.

Rules Repository

Integration using Git

Integrate with the rules repository (as part of Guvnor, also known as the Kie Workbench or business central) using Git tooling.

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