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Hybrid Mobile (Cordova) Tools

Develop mobile apps that run on iOS or Android

features aerogear hybridmobile wizard

With the Hybrid Mobile (Cordova) Tools you get to create a mobile project that uses Apache Cordova. The projects can be used and developed fully in Eclipse, but is also compatible with cordova-cli projects.

Multiple engine versions

Target past and future

features aerogear multiple versions

Download of the specific version you are targeting is possible from the projects preferences. Allows you to do maintenance on one version and target new development on a new version, within the same toolset.

Cordova Configuration Editor

Form based configuration editor

features aerogear cordova config editor

Edits the config.xml for your Apache Cordova projects.

Run your app

Test on device, emulator or simulator

features aerogear runas android ios

Creates, compiles and runs the native application on the native platform emulators and devices.

  • Run on iOS Simulator. Creates and compiles a XCode project and runs the resulting artifacts on the iOS simulator.

  • Run on Android Emulator Creates and compiles an Android project and runs it on the Android emulator.

  • Run on Android Device Runs the project on an Android device if there is one attached.


Test & Debug mobile apps easily

features aerogear cordovasim

Cordova Simulator (CordovaSim) is a Ripple based tool for hybrid mobile application development and testing. Basically, if one has no mobile phone ready to hand or does not want to use native emulator, CordovaSim is what they are looking for. It provides the following features:

  • Dev Tools Debugger

  • LiveReload support

  • Eclipse Console logging

Export Native Platform Project Wizard

Export to XCode or Android project

features aerogear export native platform

If you want to do native level fixes or builds you can Export your mobile hybrid project to either as an Android project or XCode project.

Cordova Plug-in Discovery Wizard

Install plugins from a registry, git repository or a directory

features aerogear cordova plugin discovery

Discover and install Cordova Plug-ins from a registry to your Hybrid Mobile projects. Wizard also enables installation of plug-ins via a Git repository or from a directory.

Plugins in Explorer

Visual feedback

features aerogear explorer extensions

When a plugin is installed into a project it is installed into the 'plugins' directory and will show up with corresponding icon in the Project Explorer.

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