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Docker Tools

Managing containers from the IDE


Tooling for Docker brings the support for managing containers inside Eclipse IDE. This feature is part of the Linux Tools project at Eclipse and ships with JBoss Tools and JBoss Developer Studio. The goal of the Docker tooling is to integrate all the CLI features relevant for developers who want to build and deploy applications on containers.

Connection Wizard

Manage multiple connections modes in a single form

Connection Wizard

The Connection wizard support both Unix sockets and REST API to connect to a Docker engine. The wizard requires a unique name to identify the connection and checks the required permissions on the Unix socket and on the path to the certificates for TCP connections.

Explorer View

Visualize your containers and images in a single treeview

Docker Explorer View

The Docker Explorer view displays containers and images in a tree view, with filters to hide dangling and intermediate images and stopped containers.

Containers View

Detailed view of your containers

Containers View

The Docker Containers view displays the same information that appears when using the docker ps or docker ps -a commands in a terminal. This table view lists all the containers or only the active ones, showing their id, image name, date of creation, run command, exposed ports and status.

Images View

Detailed view of your images

Images View

The Docker Images view displays the same information that appears when using the docker images command in a terminal. This table view lists all the images or the top-level ones only, showing their id, repository name and tags, date of creation and status

"Run Image" wizard

A wizard that understands your images

Run Image Wizard

The Run Image wizard lets users run an image by passing the most relevant arguments in the context of a developer machine:

  • the name of the container (although this is optional)

  • the exposed ports (the table is prepopulated with port numbers retrieved from the selected Image information)

  • the links to containers

  • the data volume

  • the environment variables

Pull Images

Search and Pull images from any registry

Search Image Wizard

The Pull Image wizard can be launched from the Docker Images view or from the Docker Explorer view. The wizard detects the tag in the image name and if none is specified, the image tagged latest is pulled. The companion Search wizard lets the user find the tagged image to pull from Docker Hub.

Launcher to Build a Docker Image

Build and rebuild in a single click

Build Image Launcher

The Docker Tools also includes a launcher to build images from a Dockerfile. The source path is a directory in the workspace or on the file system and the Docker Connection combo box specifies on which Docker daemon the image will be built.

Properties view

Inspect selected containers and images

Properties View

The Properties view responds to the selection on an Image or a Container in the aforementioned views to display general and detailed information about the selected connection, container or image.

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