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Browser Simulator

Simple, fast & beautiful

browsersim iphone

BrowserSim is a browser simulator that is fast to launch, provide simple and beautiful simulation of various mobile phones and tables on the market.

BrowserSim allow you to take screenshots with all the skins, support live reload and debugging.

Turn your world upside down

Rotate landscape and portrait

browsersim iphone landscape

You can rotate the phone to test if your web application are reactive to landscape and portrait mode.

Several ways to skin a cat

Size, resolution and skins

browsersim multiple skins

BrowserSim comes with a bunch of predefined skins and resolutions allowing you to see how you website will look and feel.

Synergized browsing

Browse on multiple devices

browsersim opened synchronized

For easy testing of multiple devices you can have multiple views open each with different skin, resolution or rotation.

Automatic reload

Refresh without F5

cloud reload 1 256x256

BrowserSim will automatically detect if you have a running LiveReload server running and any change in your editor will automatically get reloaded in BrowserSim - allowing you to focus on writing content and coding functionallity.

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