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JBoss Central is the startup page for JBoss Tools and JBoss Developer Studio. It helps you with projects wizards to instantly start working with your favorite framework. It also provides you with the latest community news, announcements and blog articles, so that you always know what’s happening at JBoss.org. Finally, it’s an easy(ier) way to install extra plugins, tested and validated by our army of QA engineers.

Get started instantly

Start your project faster

central easy start

Central helps you bootstrap a new project by providing you with hundreds quickstarts, including the JBoss Developer Frawework and the GateIn Quickstarts. Just type what you’re looking for, we have an example for it.

Extras plugins

Easy install

central software updates

JBoss Central also features an easy way to install extra plugins, so you don’t have to manually lookup and configure update sites for the other plugins you want to use. Amongst all the plugins, you’ll find:

  • JBoss SOA and Business Rules Tooling

  • Android Development Tools

  • Hybrid Mobile/Cordova tooling

  • OpenShift tooling

  • Spring IDE

  • AngularJS for Web Tools

  • Several Mylyn plugins

  • Checkstyle

  • Findbugs

  • PMD

  • JRebel

  • Subclipse

  • Maven/m2e extension plugins

and more…​

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