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JavaEE 7 Batch Processing

Makes using Batch easier

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Batch Tools help users develop Java applications that use the Batch Processing programming mode. Batch Tools also include features such as New Job XML, New Batch Artifact Wizards, Advanced Visual and Source Editors for Job XML files, as well as project validation.


New Job XML file. New Batch Artifacts

features batch wizard

Wizards allow you to easily create new Batch Job XML files and batch artifacts.

Batch Job XML Editor

Visualization and editing

features batch editor
  • Visualization of structure of batch job

  • Other properties editable via context actions and linked property views

  • Reordering

  • Content proposals for batch artifacts

Properties Editor

Edit and navigate

features batch properties

To navigate from the Properties editor to the corresponding batch artifact, click the icon at the property name and select 'Open <artifact>'. If no artifacts are included, click the 'Create <artifact>' link. This starts the 'New Batch Artifact' wizard.


Preventing problems

features batch validation

Batch artifact and property references are validated in Job XML files.

Content Assist

Easy coding

features batch content assist

Content assist works for any class attribute (used to reference exception classes). Just type the first letter of the class or name and the content assist will show all available proposals. Job XML Editor also provides content assist for <* ref="">, <* next="">, <* to="">, <* restart=""> and for batch properties.

Quick access to source

features batch hyperlink

Batch artifacts can be navigated to via OpenOn. Just press Ctrl and click on <* ref="">, <* next="">, <* to="">, <* restart=""> or property name to open the corresponding source code or Job XML element.

Quick Fixes

Problem solved

features batch quick fix

There are Quick Fixes available for the validation problems in Batch Job XML source editor.

Search for Batch Artifacts

Find references

features batch search

Search for references (Ctrl+Shift+G) works for batch artifact classes and its property fields.

Batch Artifact Renaming

Rename references

features batch rename

When you rename some class name or property field then the corresponding Job XML references will be renamed too.

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