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JBoss Maven integration

Beyond and above m2e and m2e-wtp

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The JBoss Maven integration builds on top of Eclipse m2e and m2e-wtp to further closing the gap between the Apache Maven world and the Eclipse/WebTools world.

Profile Selection

Easy switching between Maven profiles

maven profiles

If your project heavily use maven profiles you can now smoothly toggle the various profiles on and off for one or more projects simultaneously with a simple shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+P)

Maven Configurators

No need for manual setup

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With configurators for CDI, Annotation Processing, Hibernate, Seam and others you only have to have these configured in your pom.xml and Maven integration will enable the Eclipse tooling for these. Allows for easier and more consistent eclipse project setup between developers.

Maven repository wizard

Select a preset repository

add maven repo

Whenever you need to add a Maven repository to your settings.xml, a wizard can help you identify local Red Hat repositories, choose from a preset list of common repositories or set up your own and configure an associated profile.

Enhanced source lookup mechanism

It just works

automatic source lookup

m2e already provides automatic download of sources for jars in your Maven project’s classpath. With the JBoss Maven integration, automatic source download is also enabled at runtime (while running a WTP server for instance) and is not limited to Maven-enabled projects.

Easily convert to Maven

Automatically identify your Maven dependencies

maven dependency conversion

The Maven dependency conversion wizard plugs into the Maven conversion mechanism to let you save time identifying and converting your project jars to Maven dependencies.

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