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This is a summary page of all New & Noteworthy for 4.4.3.AM2 and 4.4.3.AM1

What's New in 4.4.3.Final

Forge Tools

Forge Runtime updated to 3.5.1.Final

The included Forge runtime is now 3.5.1.Final. Read the official announcement here.


Hibernate Tools

Hibernate Runtime Provider Updates

The Hibernate 5.0 runtime provider now incorporates Hibernate Core version 5.0.12.Final and Hibernate Tools version 5.0.4.Final.

The Hibernate 5.1 runtime provider now incorporates Hibernate Core version 5.1.4.Final and Hibernate Tools version 5.1.2.Final.

The Hibernate 5.2 runtime provider now incorporates Hibernate Core version 5.2.7.Final and Hibernate Tools version 5.2.1.Final.

JBoss Central

Updated Red Hat Central Experience

Red Hat Central, designed to provide instant access to a large variety of JBoss Developer material, has been given a fresh look, matching Red Hat’s color theme:

new red hat central 2017

Related JIRA: JBIDE-22999


Scaling from pod resources

When an application is being deployed to Openshift, it was possible to scale the pod resources from the service resource.

scale command from service

However, it was not a very logical choice. So the command is also available at the pod level, leading to better usability.

scale command from pod

Related JIRA: JBIDE-22805

CDK 3 Beta Server Adapter

A new server adapter has been added to support the next generation of CDK 3. This is Tech Preview in this release as CDK 3 is Beta. While the server adapter itself has limited functionality, it is able to start and stop the CDK virtual machine via its minishift binary. Simply hit Ctrl+3 (Cmd+3 on OSX) and type CDK, that will bring up a command to setup and/or launch the CDK server adapter. You should see the old CDK 2 server adapter along with the new CDK 3 one (labeled Red Hat Container Development Kit 3 (Tech Preview) ).

cdk3 server adapter

All you have to do is set the credentials for your Red Hat account and the location of the CDK’s minishift binary file and the type of virtualization hypervisor.

cdk3 server adapter1

Once you’re finished, a new CDK Server adapter will then be created and visible in the Servers view.

cdk3 server adapter2

Once the server is started, Docker and OpenShift connections should appear in their respective views, allowing the user to quickly create a new Openshift application and begin developing their AwesomeApp in a highly-replicatable environment.

cdk3 server adapter3
cdk3 server adapter4
This is Tech Preview. The implementation is subject to change, may not work with next releases of CDK 3 and testing has been limited.

Related JIRA: JBIDE-23505

OpenShift Container Platform 3.4 support

OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) 3.4 has been announced by Red Hat. JBossTools 4.4.3.AM2 has been validated against OCP 3.4.

If you are using JBossTools together with the Container Development Toolkit (CDK), the latest version is using OCP 3.3 by default. If you are using CDK 2.3, there is a way to upgrade to OCP 3.4. Edit the Vagrantfile, locate the line with IMAGE_TAG="" and replace with IMAGE_TAG="v3.4.1.2-2". then restart the CDK VM (vagrant halt; vagrant up).

It seems there are some upgrade problems between OCP 3.3 and OCP 3.4 so you may experience deploy errors. We recommand that you destroy the CDK VM (vagrant destroy) before upgrading to OCP.

Related JIRA: JBIDE-23389

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