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This is the archived New & Noteworthy page that is also part of  4.18.0.Final

What's New in 4.18.0.AM1

CDI Tools

Eclipse Microprofile support

CDI Tools now support Eclipse Microprofile. Eclipse Microprofile related assets are checked against @Inject injections points and are validated according to rules specified in various Eclipse Microprofile specifications.

Related JIRA: JBIDE-27533

Forge Tools

Forge Runtime updated to 3.9.8.Final

The included Forge runtime is now 3.9.8.Final.

Hibernate Tools

Hibernate Runtime Provider Updates

A number of additions and updates have been performed on the available Hibernate runtime providers.

Runtime Provider Updates

The Hibernate 5.4 runtime provider now incorporates Hibernate Core version 5.4.25.Final and Hibernate Tools version 5.4.25.Final.

The Hibernate 5.3 runtime provider now incorporates Hibernate Core version 5.3.20.Final and Hibernate Tools version 5.3.20.Final.


Devfile based deployments

The Application Explorer view is now based on odo 2.x, which allows deployments to be based on devfile (developer oriented manifest file). The components from the default odo registry are listed with legacy S2I components:


It is also now possible to bootstrap from an empty project as the components from the registry may expose starter projects (sample code that will initialize your empty project).


Related JIRA: JBIDE-27531

Related JIRA: JBIDE-27553

Related JIRA: JBIDE-27563

Server Tools

Wildfly 22 Server Adapter

A server adapter has been added to work with Wildfly 22.

Related JIRA: JBIDE-27494

Quarkus Tools

Support for codestarts in New Quarkus project wizard

code.quarkus.io has added a new option codestart that allows extension that support this new feature to contribute sample code in the generated project. It is enabled by default and is accessible from the second step in the wizard:


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