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This is the archived New & Noteworthy page that is also part of  4.2.0.Final

What's New in 4.2.0.Alpha2


Arquillian Dependencies

The Create Arquillian Deployment Method action scans for all, direct and indirect dependencies. Those dependencies can be automatically added to the deployment using the Create Arquillian Deployment Method wizard.


Related JIRAs: JBIDE-14525, JBIDE-14518

Refactor Arquillian validator

Now, the Arquillian validator uses AST to search for dependencies. This way, performance are significantly improved because we don’t have to create Arquillian archive(s) anymore. Likewise, the Arquillian validator is implemented as an Eclipse builder instead of JDT compiler participant which improves its stability.

Related JIRAs: JBIDE-16324, JBIDE-16331

ShrinkWrap Archive name/type validation

The Arquillian validator checks if an archive name extension matches an archive type.


Related JIRAs: JBIDE-14780, JBIDE-14781, JBIDE-15657

Add Arquillian support

The Add Arquillian Support dialog is significantly improved. A user can decide if he wants to change the pom.xml file, which sections to change as well as which arquillian version to use. There is also the pom.xml preview page.


Related JIRAs: JBIDE-14426, JBIDE-14428

Add missing type to deployment Quick Fix

Arquillian includes a new Quick Fix.



Arquillia Cruiser View filtering

Arquillia Cruiser View contains a filter to filter active projects.


Related JIRA: JBIDE-14524

Arquillia Cruiser View linking

Double-clicking an archive resource in the Arquillia Cruiser view opens the resource in the associatted Eclipse editor.

Related JIRA: JBIDE-14522


Hybrid Mobile (Cordova) Tools

Multiple Hybrid Mobile Engine support

You can now download and select the Cordova engines and versions to use with your projects.


Related JIRA: JBIDE-14407



JavaFx Web Engine

BrowserSim and CordovaSim have a new JavaFx web engine as an alternative to SWT WebKit engine. Web engine can be changed in Menu > Preferences > Browser Engine. This option is available for Windows and Mac OS users. Linux is currently not supported.

New JavaFx Web Engine

Related JIRA: JBIDE-15640

Chrome Debugger

Chrome Dev Tools Debugger is now available for BrowserSim / CordovaSim. This option is enabled only for JavaFx Web Engine and can be treated as a replacement of the Firebug Lite. Dev Tools Debugger can be enabled via Menu > Debug > Dev Tools…​

Chrome Debugger

Related JIRA: JBDS-2866

Eclipse Console Logging

Now the output of the main javascript console functions (console.log, console.info, console.warn, console.error) is displayed in the Eclipse console. This option is available only for SWT.WEBKIT for now.

Eclipse Console Logging

Related JIRAs: JBIDE-16485, JBIDE-16587

CDI Tools

CDI 1.1

CDI Tools now support CDI 1.1 projects. If your CDI project (with enabled CDI support) has CDI 1.1 jars in its classpath, CDI Tools will recognize it as CDI 1.1 project automatically. There is no need to use any special settings to distinguish CDI 1.0 from CDI 1.1 in CDI Tools.

Related JIRA: JBIDE-13228

JST / JSF / HTML Editor


jQuery Mobile

The palette view now supports jQuery Mobile 1.4. The palette detects the jQuery Mobile JS file version used in the HTML file and switches to the corresponding version: 1.3 or 14. It also can be switched manually. jQuery Mobile Palette v1.4 has its own set of wizards.


Related JIRA: JBIDE-16271

Content assist for data-* attributes supports JQM 1.4 too…​

Related JIRA: JBIDE-16294

  1. and for style classes (even if they defined in remote files):


Related JIRA: JBIDE-16294

New Form Button wizard is now available in jQuery Mobile (1.3 and 1.4) Palette:


Related JIRA: JBIDE-15659

There is a new option to generate a menu in New Panel wizard:


Related JIRA: JBIDE-16322

Drag and Drop from Palette was improved. It now insert tags only in text nodes and don’t break any existing tags/attributes:

See screencast.

Related JIRA: JBIDE-16345


Attribute Content Assist

Content assist for AngularJS ng-* attributes is available in JBoss HTML Editor:

ng ca
ng class ca

Related JIRA: JBIDE-15378

Filename Content Assist

A new content assist works for full path and for file names in the following HTML tags:

  • <script src="*.js">

  • <link rel="stylesheet" href="*.css">

  • <img src="image files">

  • <video src="video files">

  • <audio src="audio filse">

  • <source src="video or audio depending on the parent element">

  • <a href="html files">

See screencast.

Related JIRA: JBIDE-15349

Creating a new file via Ctrl+Click

When Ctrl+clicking on the file name in any HTML link, for example on js/app.js in this snippet: <script type="text/javascript" src="js/app.js"></script> and the file does not exist JBoss Tools HTML Editor offers creating the file.


Related JIRA: JBIDE-15348

HTML5 Properties view

Properties view for HTML5 files was improved. It now provides an advanced look and feel for basic HTML5, jQuery Mobile and AngularJS components and attributes.


Related JIRA: JBIDE-15713


Servlet version 3.1

New JSF project wizard now supports servlets 3.1.


Related JIRA: JBIDE-15604



Optional Reload Delay

The LiveReload Server Configuration Editor now provides a "Reload Delay" option to set the number of seconds to wait before "reload" messages are sent to browsers.

This delay allows the application server to take the changes fully into account before the browsers send their request. According to some reports, in some cases the server returned an error because of resources or libraries still being reloaded when the requests arrived. This fix addresses this problem.

LiveReload Server Configuration Editor with Reload Delay option

By default, the reload delay is set to '0'. Once the configuration is saved, the LiveRoad server does not need to be restarted to use the new value.

The delay appears as a job running in the Progress View and it can be canceled if the wait period was set too high (in which case the "reload" messages are immediately sent to the browsers).

Related JIRA: JBIDE-14999


SSL Certificates

Untrusted SSL Certificates

In case the server sends an SSL certificate that we cannot verify, we’ll now present it to you. Allowing you to accept or refuse it.

certificate dialog

Related JIRA: JBIDE-14768

Existing Projects

Show All Projects

When creating a new OpenShift application you can choose to merge it with your existing workspace project. By default, the selection dialog will filter out projects that are shared with a non-git source control and internal Remote System Explorer projects. Nevertheless We’ll show all projects if you check Show all projects.

show all projects

Related JIRA: JBIDE-16357

Server Tools


Extensive Rewrite

JBoss AS Server Tools has had an extensive rewrite for the Alpha2 release. The goals of this refactor were to more easily support an expanding set of usecases and options for servers. With these changes, we will be able to add support for several new features, such as launching your server in domain mode, publishing over the JBoss Management API, server adapters not requiring a local runtime installation, as well as a smoother workflow for creating your server adapters.

While we believe all existing features are still functioning normally, there may, as always, be bugs or errors that we didn’t catch. Please open a JIRA, or post on our forums, if you catch anything that seems strange, misleading, or incorrect. While the Alpha2 release should look pretty much identical to what you’re used to, you’ll see at some of these changes in our next milestone.

Related JIRA: JBIDE-15915

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