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This is the archived New & Noteworthy page that is also part of  4.6.0.Final

What's New in 4.6.0.AM3

Fuse Tooling

Camel URI completion with XML DSL

As announced here, it was already possible to have Camel URI completion with XML DSL in the source tab of the Camel Route editor by installing the Language Support for Apache Camel in your IDE.

This feature is now installed by default with Fuse Tooling!

Camel URI completion in source tab of Camel Editor

Now you have the choice to use the properties view with UI help to configure Camel components or to use the source editor and benefit from completion features. It all depends on your development preferences!

Web Services Tools

JAX-RS 2.1 Support

JAX-RS 2.1 is part of JavaEE8 and JBoss Tools now provides you with support for this update of the specification.

Server side events

JAX-RS 2.1 brought support for server side events. The Sse and SseEventSink resources can now be injected into method arguments thanks to the @Context annotation.

Related JIRA: JBIDE-26040

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