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We are happy to announce the latest release of the Red Hat Application Migration Toolkit (RHAMT) Eclipse Plugin.

Getting Started

It is now available through JBoss Central, and from the update site here.

What is RHAMT?

RHAMT is an automated application migration and assessment tool.

Example ways to RHAMT up your code:

  • Moving your application from WebLogic to EAP, or WebSphere to EAP

  • Version upgrade from Hibernate 3 to Hibernate 4, or EAP 6 to EAP 7

  • Change UI technologies from Seam 2 to pure JSF 2.

An example of how to run the RHAMT CLI:

$ ./rhamt-cli --input /path/to/jee-example-app-1.0.0.ear --output /path/to/output --source weblogic --target eap:7

The output is a report used to assess and prioritize migration and modernization efforts.

The RHAMT Eclipse Plugin - What does it do?

Consider an application migration comprised of thousands of files, with a myriad of small changes, not to mention the tediousness of switching between the report and your IDE. Who wants to be the engineer assigned to that task? :) Instead, this tooling marks the source files containing issues, making it easy to organize, search, and in many cases automatically fix issues using quick fixes.

Let me give you a quick walkthrough.

Ruleset Wizard

We now have quickstart template code generators.

Rueset Wizard

Rule Creation From Code

We have also added rule generators for selected snippets of code.

Rule Generation From Source

Ruleset Graphical Editor

Ruleset navigation and editing is faster and more intuitive thanks to the new graphical editor.

Graphical Editor

Ruleset View

We have created a view dedicated to the management of rulesets. Default rulesets shipped with RHAMT can now be opened, edited, and referenced while authoring your own custom rulesets.

Ruleset View

Run Configuration

The Eclipse plugin interacts with the RHAMT CLI process, thereby making it possible to specify command line options and custom rulesets.

Run Configuration

Ruleset Submission

Lastly, contribute your custom rulesets back to the community from within the IDE.

Ruleset Submission

You can find more detailed information here.

Our goal is to make the RHAMT tooling easy to use. We look forward to your feedback and comments!

Have fun!
John Steele

Happy to announce 4.5.2.AM2 (Developer Milestone 2) build for Eclipse Oxygen.2 (built with RC2).

Downloads available at JBoss Tools 4.5.2 AM2.

What is New?

Full info is at this page. Some highlights are below.

Fuse Tooling

Fuse 7 Karaf-based runtime Server adapter

Fuse 7 is cooking and preliminary versions are already available on early-access repository. Fuse Tooling is ready to leverage them so that you can try the upcoming major Fuse version.

Fuse 7 Server Adapter

Classical functionalities with server adapters are available: automatic redeploy, Java debug, Graphical Camel debug through created JMX connection. Please note: - you can’t retrieve the Fuse 7 Runtime yet directly from Fuse tooling, it is required to download it on your machine and point to it when creating the Server adapter. - the provided templates requires some modifications to have them working with Fuse 7, mainly adapting the bom. Please see work related to it in this JIRA task and its children.

Display routes defined inside "routeContext" in Camel Graphical Editor (Design tab)

"routeContext" tag is a special tag used in Camel to provide the ability to reuse routes and to split them across different files. This is very useful on large projects. See Camel documentation for more information. Since this version, the Design of the routes defined in "routeContext" tags are now displayed.

Usability improvement: Progress bar when "Changing the Camel version"

Since Fuse Tooling 10.1.0, it is possible to change the Camel version. In case the Camel version was not cached locally yet and for slow internet connections, this operation can take a while. There is now a progress bar to see the progress.

Switch Camel Version with Progress Bar


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