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Try our complete Mars.2 capable, JBDS 9.1.0.Beta2 compatible Integration tooling (Beta).

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JBoss Tools Integration Stack
Since JBoss Tools 4.3.0 we require Java 8 for the installation and use of all JBoss Tools, including the Integration Stack tooling. We still support developing and running applications using older Java runtimes. See more in Beta1 blog.

JBoss Tools Integration Stack 4.3.0.Beta1 / JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack 9.0.0.Beta1

Note: All of the Integration Stack components are Early Access. See the installation section below for instructions.

What’s an Integration Stack?

The Integration Stack for JBoss Developer Studio is a set of features and plugins for Eclipse that further enhances the IDE development functionality provided by JBoss Developer Studio in support of the following frameworks:

JBoss Fuse Development

  • Fuse Tooling - JBoss Fuse Development provides tooling for Red Hat JBoss Fuse, specifically for integrating and developing software components that work with Apache ServiceMix, ActiveMQ and Camel. It features the latest versions of the Fuse Data Transformation tooling, SwitchYard and access to the Fuse SAP Tool Suite.

  • SwitchYard - A lightweight service delivery framework providing full lifecycle support for developing, deploying, and managing service-oriented applications.

JBoss Business Process and Rules Development

JBoss Business Process and Rules Development plug-ins provide design, debug and testing tooling for developing business processes for Red Hat JBoss BRMS and Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite.

  • BPEL Designer - Orchestrating your business processes.

  • BPMN2 Modeler - A graphical modeling tool which allows creation and editing of Business Process Modeling Notation diagrams using graphiti.

  • Drools - A Business Logic integration Platform which provides a unified and integrated platform for Rules, Workflow and Event Processing including KIE.

  • jBPM6 - A flexible Business Process Management (BPM) suite.

JBoss Data Virtualization Development

JBoss Data Virtualization Development plug-ins provide a graphical interface to manage various aspects of Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization instances, including the ability to design virtual databases and interact with associated governance repositories.

  • Modeshape - A distributed, hierarchical, transactional and consistent data store with support for queries, full-text search, events, versioning, references, and flexible and dynamic schemas. It is very fast, highly available, extremely scalable, and it is 100% open source.

  • Teiid Designer - A visual tool that enables rapid, model-driven definition, integration, management and testing of data services without programming using the Teiid runtime framework.

JBoss Integration and SOA Development

JBoss Integration and SOA Development plug-ins provide tooling for developing, configuring and deploying BRMS, SwitchYard and Fuse applications to Red Hat JBoss Fuse Service Works, Red Hat JBoss Fuse and Fuse Fabric containers, Apache ServiceMix, and Apache Karaf instances.

  • All of the Business Process and Rules Development plugins, plus…​

  • Fuse Apache Camel Tooling - A graphical tool for integrating software components that works with Apache ServiceMix, Apache ActiveMQ, Apache Camel and the FuseSource distributions.

  • SwitchYard - A lightweight service delivery framework providing full lifecycle support for developing, deploying, and managing service-oriented applications.

SOA 5.x Development

  • JBoss ESB - An enterprise service bus for connecting enterprise applications and services.

  • jBPM3 - A flexible Business Process Management (BPM) Suite - JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform 5.3.x compatible version.

All of these components have been verified to work with the same dependencies as JBoss Tools 4.3 and Developer Studio 9.

What’s Been Updated for Mars?

Almost everything! Updates have been made to the Business Process tooling, Fuse Tooling, Data Virtualization and SOA Development tooling product groups. See the Integration Stack 9.0.0.Beta1 Release Notes for more details.

Released Tooling Highlights

JBoss Fuse Development Highlights

Fuse Tooling Highlights
  • Including Data Transformation, SAP and SwitchYard

  • Notice the revamped Camel route editor!

Also see Lars Heinemann’s Blog for more Fuse Tooling insights.

SwitchYard Highlights

JBoss Business Process and Rules Development

BPMN2 Modeler Highlights
Drools/jBPM6 Highlights

Data Virtualization Highlights

Teiid Designer Highlights

The JBoss Tools website features tab

Don’t miss the Features tab for up to date information on your favorite Integration Stack components.


The easiest way to install the Integration Stack components is to first install JBoss Tools 4.3.1 or JBoss Developer Studio 9.1.0 and then select the Software/Update tab in the JBoss Central view. Select the 'Enable Early Access' checkbox.

For a complete set of Integration Stack installation instructions, see Integration Stack Installation Instructions

Try it out!

Paul Leacu.

A couple weeks ago, I started prototyping how we could enable building PRs submitted against the JBoss Tools projects, in order to more easily create installable update sites (Eclipse p2 repositories) from pull requests. This is part of our new thrust to provide more continuous integration and deployment, to better be able to release software faster.


Verify a commit before pushing it to master. Continuous feedback. Easier installation testing. Ability to share a proposed change, including the whole built update site so peer reviews can be done against binaries as well as sources.

Job Config

Here’s how to configure a job to use the Github Pull Request Builder Plugin:

  1. add a sha1 parameter

  2. pull from git using this remote config:

    <refspec>+refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/* +refs/pull/*:refs/remotes/origin/pr/*</refspec>
  3. pull from git using this branch:

  4. enable Github Pull Request Trigger

    <org.jenkinsci.plugins.ghprb.GhprbTrigger plugin="ghprb@1.20.1">
      <spec>H/5 * * * *</spec>
      <cron>H/5 * * * *</cron>

Job Steps & Deployment

One way to react to a successful build of a PR is to simply deploy to a different URL than normal builds.

For example, a job could be set up such that if ${ghprbPullId} is defined, a deploy-pr profile is used; if not, the usual deploy-to-jboss.org profile could instead be used.

mvn deploy -Pdeploy-pr

However, we might also want a different sequence of build steps in a job. Normally, we orchestrate jobs to build, deploy, & test. But for a PR build, we might instead want to sequence the steps as build+test, and only deploy if successful.

So perhaps instead of parameterizing the job to publish to snapshots/pulls/ or snapshots/builds/, we might instead parameterize the maven lifecycle steps:

if [[ ! ${ghprbPullId} ]]; then
	mvnStep1="clean install -DskipTests" # build without tests
	mvnStep2="deploy -Pdeploy-to-jboss.org" # deploy if p2diff or SHA check shows difference into /builds/ folder
	mvnStep3="verify" # run tests & fail job if problems found
	mvnStep1="clean deploy -Pdeploy-pr" # build and test, then deploy to /pulls/ folder if successful or fail if tests fail

Current experiment is here (sorry, VPN required):

Questions / TODOs

  • Can whitelists be set up programmatically? (git committerIDs which can trigger a build automatically)

  • Can admins be set up programmatically? (git committerIDs which can approve a PR to be built, rather than ANY submitted PR, to prevent malicious attacks)

  • How do we roll up a low-level project’s pull request build into a larger stack of projects or products? Do we rebuild everything that’s downstream? Or just the aggregates/product?

  • How aggressively should we purge pull request builds?

  • When running matrix jobs, what happens when one part of the job is running, another is waiting, and a force-push updated to a PR arrives? (Answer: the waiting configurations will fail because the expected SHA no longer exists, having been force-replaced.)

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