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I just got the great news that last night Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio 7 (built on top of JBoss Tools 4.2) was one of the Winners in the CODiE Awards.

We won in the "Best Mobile Development Solution" category.

Really happy to see that happening!

A big giant thank you and congratulations to the JBoss Tools and Developer Studio team and contributors for making it all possible!

One of the materials submitted was this video outlining the mobile features in particular:

Take a look at that and know since the nomination back in September 2013 we now got JBoss Developer Studio 8 Beta 1 with even more goodies, including Mobile tooling improvements.

Worth mentioning that OpenShift won in the "Best Cloud Platform as a Service" category too - Congratulations!.

Have fun!

Max Rydahl Andersen

A few weeks back Eclipse launched their Java 8 Support for Eclipse Kepler.

Its a great page with links to various resources about Java 8 and how to install the various components into Eclipse.

The four components you want to install if you are doing web/java development for Eclipse are the ones covering:

  • Java core (JDT)

  • Java Web Tools (WTP)

  • Maven (m2e)

  • OSGI (PDE)

For now those need to be installed individually.

We wanted to make that even simpler.

Thus today we deployed our Java 8 packaged install and update site which does not require you to do four different installs.

There are two ways to use this. Using JBoss Central or the composite update site.

Using JBoss Central

  • Open JBoss Central

  • Click Software/Update

JBoss Central showing Java 8 Install connector
  • Choose Java 8

  • Click Install

You will then be shown a screen where you can choose to install all or select a subset.

If you have JBoss Tools installed the recommended way is that you install them all since then you get the best Java 8 coverage possible in Eclipse.

Using plain old update site

If you do not want to use JBoss Central you can also use this update site directly:


Please note that this site includes plugins for 'm2e' with "Optional" in their name which are only relevant if you are an Eclipse plugin developer. You can skip those - just there for completeness.


We know that Java 8 support is not fully working for WildFly 8 server adapter in our Kepler based JBoss Tools version - if you want to use that try out our recent builds of JBoss Tools for Luna where this is being supported.

But otherwise you can now build and run Java 8 projects with JBoss Tools for Eclipse Kepler today.

Have fun!

Max Rydahl Andersen

JBoss Tools 4.29.0.Final for Eclipse 2023-09

by Stéphane Bouchet on Nov 02, 2023.

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by Stéphane Bouchet on Mar 10, 2023.

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